Visit the churches of the Capcir and Haut Conflent

Eglise de Formiguères
Eglise de Planès
Influenced by Romanesque, Baroque, and military history, the heritage of the Capcir and Haut Conflent is marked by many buildings rich in history from the places you visit during your stay

The Romanesque and Baroque Art

The Capcir and Haut Conflent have many churches that are of architectural & religious interest. These churches mostly date from the Roman period. While many of these buildings have been transformed by the addition of chapels, for example, the Romanesque art still triumphs in the eyes of the beholders. To name a few, Formiguères, Réal, Sauto, Rieutort, Llagonne and of course Planès. Planès, quaint, beautiful & curious, it is a classified monument showing all the characteristics of Romanesque Art. It is remarkable for its modest size and especially for its very original shape. Go and discover it. To express their devoutness, the ancestors filled these stone buildings with statues and altars. They are very varied and diverse each period: Romanesque statues,Byzantine, Baroque altars, statues of saints of rural influence from the late medieval or early modern times, etc.

Ayguatébia - Talau
The church Ayguatébia was destroyed in 1673 and rebuilt in 1693.His door is classified as a Historic Monument.
The chapel of Talau was first mentioned in 968. It is dedicated to St Etienne. The chapel has a classic structure of the Catalan Romanesque.
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The church of Sainte Eulalie dates from 17th century, it has a nave and the side chapels are dedicated to Saint Eulalia (Eulalie Greek etymology which means "nice speaker"). May especially admire the altar of the Virgin of the Rosary (1734) and St. Francois Xavier (19th c.). The bell tower is an old watchtower dating from the 13th century. And key information available at City Hall: +33 (0)

Caudiès de Conflent
The Church of St. Martin wasmentioned in 1279 and destroyed by French Protestants. It was rebuilt in 1683 on the ruins of the old castle.
Open house every summer - Ref. the mayor to

Fontrabiouse et Espousouille
The Church of St. Sebastian Fontrabiouse is a Romanesque building, but was modified in 1712.
The church Espousouille is dedicated to Saint Mary. It dates from 1866.
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- Hermitage Chapel dated XVII sec. Guided tours. Rens. :
- Visit the Church of St. Martin Odeillo - Font-Romeu and his Romanesque gate. Open daily.
- Eglise Sainte-Colombe Via - Font-Romeu. Gate entrance decorated with sculpted domes. Tombstones from the XVI and XVII sec.
Rens. :

- The Romanesque church of St. Mary is the result of multiple periods of construction. The nave is vaulted semicircular apse has a aciole window. Part of the church is listed as a Historic Monument.
Free tour: Daily from 9am to 18pm.
- Sanctuary of the Mare de Deu de Villeneuve Formiguères. The chapel was built in 1735 to venerate the patron st of Capcir. Visit: Wednesday and Saturday from 15h to 18h July to September (free access). Rens. :

La Cabanasse
The Church of St. Mary was built in 1897 on the remains of a chapel in 1754. It shelters the Virgin of travelers.
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La Llagonne
Free of charge, open to the public. Guided tours available in July and August from 17h to 19h, Monday to Friday. By appointment at any other time of the year. Contact : Tél : 04 68 04 21.10

Les Angles
The church of Saint Michel des Angles was rebuilt in the end of XIXth century. It was built on the spot where stood the ancient chapel of the castle. The baptismal funds, granite come from the old chapel at a place called "Esglesia vella". Behind appears the Virgin of the Assumption, the Madonna is called "Mare de Deu blanca" (white mother of God). It is particularly venerated during the processions of Easter Sunday and August 15 (Feast of St. Mary). Many statues adorn the nave. A beautiful Baroque altarpiece, placed in the chapel of the left transept, classified by the Fine Arts and a listed building. Free visit.

The Church of St. Louis was builded at the theighteenth century, offers a plan with a nave and four chapels.
Free visit: daily from 9am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm

Planes Church dates from the 9thCentury. It is most unusual, characterized by its round shape and 3 adjoining chapels, representing the heart of its architecture. The church is devoted to Our Lady of Mercy, and reputed to cure fever and sterility and to protect crops. Open all year - Key can be obtained at the Gite Malaza. Key available on request +33. (0)

The Church of Puyvalador is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. The Church of Rieutort is dedicated to St. Martin. They're two Romanesque buildings profoundly transformed, but retain the essential part of the originals constructions.
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The Romanesque church of Saint-Romain is a building with a single nave. It is decorated with two series of five Lombard arches. Visit: Int. the mayor to

The church has a single nave without apse covered by a vault, it is the result from lot of transformations at the the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Two stone arches were builded to support the rooftop. The tower was builded at the eighteenth century ended with a masonry bell, it was destroyed by a heavy storm in 1877, was replaced by a wrought iron campanile in 1933. Visit: Int. the mayor to

The Romanesque church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste is located below the village. ther is a single nave with a vault . The door has an arch. In the nineteenth century, a new church was constructed in the high part of the village.
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The church of Saint-Maurice is a Romanesque building. Guided tours on Thursdays from 14h30 to 17h - tour on request at the mayor at, the rest of the time.