How to Move in Capcir - Haut Conflent ...

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The yellow train

Highest train line in France

In 63 km, the Yellow Train connects Villefranche-de-Conflent to Latour-de-Carol. Its layout, sometimes high up, offers an exceptional view over the valley of the Têt and the Cerdanya country.

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The bus for 1 euro

economic trip

With the bus For 1 ?, traveling has never been so easy! With the unique pricing at ? 1 General Council made the choice public transport practices and adapted to your needs, on time or the car becomes a luxury. From this topic you will find all information to organize your trip with sereinity.

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travel at request

Transport and serving at the request, taxis offer customized travel ... without waiting constraints, scheduling ... Another comfort to move in Capcir-Haut conflent.