Mont-Louis and Odeillo Solar Furnace

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In 1947, Professor Félix Trombe, decided to move to Mont-Louis, in 1949 he constructed the world’s first solar furnace, thereby undermining the scientific community. The town of Mont-Louis, built by Vauban was consequently dedicated in honour of "The Sun King".

Solar Furnace of Mont-Louis

By visiting the Solar Oven of Mont-Louis, the guide will take you to the heart of the installations to explain the operation and use of the oven. Simple scientific and educational applications complement this visit, for example: the materialization of the solar concentration in the hearth between 2000 ° C and 3500 ° C, wood inflammation, metal smelting, ceramic firing. .

The tour concludes with a complete panorama of technologies using solar energy: solar thermal collectors, solar shower, solar panels, solar cookers ...

You will discover in the shop the production of ceramics cooked by the concentration of sun rays (made and cooked on the spot), bronze objects made and cast on site, as well as various solar equipment, a wide range of educational games, Books and video.

Opening time :

  • From 01/05 to 31/05 open from Monday to Friday: visits at 10h30, 11h30, 14h, 15h, 16h and 17h (last visit). Closing of the shop at 18h.
  • From 01/06 to 30/09 open 7/7 j: visits at 10h30, 11h30, 14h, 15h, 16h, 17h and 18h ​​(last visit).
  • From 01/10 to 31/10 open from Monday to Friday: visits at 10:30, 11:30, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 and 17:00 (last visit). Closing of the shop at 18h.

Annual closing: from 1 November to 30 April inclusive.


Odeillo Solar Oven

The Odeillo solar furnace, 54m high and 48 wide, comprising 63 heliostats, was commissioned in 1970 for scientific research. Following the first oil shock of 1973, researchers in the solar furnace turned their work towards transforming solar energy into electricity. With the return of energy and environmental concerns, the laboratory is again involved in the search for solutions concerning energy ...

The large solar oven of Odeillo welcomes you 7 days a week to Heliodorse.

Fun visit to learn all about the tremendous potential of solar energy and its sometimes unexpected applications.
From September to June: 10am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 6pm.
July and August: 9.30am to 7pm.
Warning ! Closure of the ticket office one hour before the closing of the site.
Time of visit 1h.

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Odeillo Solar Oven
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