Sawmill Capcir - Haut Conflent


After Hurricane Klaus, the Community of Communes Capcir - Haut Conflent decided to open a sawmill in the view to revitalize the forest. A CIPS (Public Service Industrial and Commercial) Forest was created to manage the activity.


The sawmill is open Monday to Friday.
Winter: from 8am to 12pm and from 14h to 16h.
Summer (June-September): 8am to 12pm and from 14h to 18h.


Category 1: Millwork, custom section - Scots pine - quartered raw wood - wood dried to 18%, all sections.

Category 2: Lumber, dried or not - Large sections greater than 8 cm by 11 cm - Scots Pine - Rough timber scarlet.

Category 3: Lumber, dried or not - Classified sections, less than 8 / 11 - Pine or Scotch Pine hook - Wood raw scarlet.

Category 4: Boards / battens, dried or not - Scots pine or pine hook - Wood raw quartered - Sections 27 or 25 mm.

Category 5: Costiera.

Category 6: Wood chips. Price "start from the hangar" on the basis of a humidity of 25%.

Details rates*

* FOR CRAFTSMEN: Please contact us

Other benefits

Treatment: + 30 € / m3 (drying time 72 h minimum).
It is a treatment plant (European standard ISPM15), high temperature, which allows preservation of wood without the use of toxic chemicals (normally bath methyl bromide).

Planing: Category 1,3,4 and 5 + 110. Category 2: + 130 / m3. With slotting and tongue and groove: 130 / m3.

Costiera : € 1,50 / m.

Woodchip and transportation of sawn timber : Thank you for contacting us.

Transport of wood chips: estimate.

Custom work: € 200 per hour.

Place Order

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Craftsmen who have no account and Private customers: payment during the pickup of timber, check payable to the Treasury or cash.

Craftsmen with accounts (GDI and Kbis required): The mill will take payment at the time of collection by bank withdrawal. The CIPS publish each month-end bills, payable within 40 days.
Rates with artisan craftsmen building (masonry, carpentry, woodworking, etc..).

Conventions for 8 or 15 m3 / y
The signing of such an agreement can benefit from preferential rates, engagement over 1 year. Approval by all possible, with direct payment for private invoice (after opening account) for professionals.

For everyone: Orders over 500 € - mandatory payments a deposit of 200 €.

Remember to specify the desired date for the preparation of the order.


SPIC Forestier Capcir - Haut Conflent
Col de la Quillane

66210 La Llagonne
Responsible for on-site :

How to get there? (click here for the map)