Pics Pérics

Because the world always seems more calm from above, come and conquer the peaks of the Catalan Pyrenees.

Some peaks too good to be ignored:

The Catalan Pyrenees provides a multitude of short an long routes to climb throughout the year:
- The Malaza
- The Cambre d'Aze
- The Peric
- The Tower of Eyne
- The Carlit
- Le Roc Blanc
- And many more ...

The season and the technical route will determine the necessary equipment: shoes, protection, crampons, axes ...

To study the Catalan mountains, get the Topo "The Pyrenees from east" written by Thomas and Pascal Dulac Testas. This guidebook identifies rock climbs, long routes and ascents on snow, ice or mixed.

You will also find more quality information on ski touring "Ski tour.

Be accompanied in the mountains...

Learning mountaineering can’t be done through a guidebook, if you are novice take a guide:

Activités montagne - Eyne +33(0)
Aumasson Norbert
Sauto - parcours vertige guidé - +33(0)
Aventure pyrénéenne
– Font-Romeu – - +33(0)
Bernole Guillaume - La Llagonne - Guide Haute Montagne - +33(0)
Bureau montagne – Les Angles - +33(0)
Ozone 3 – montagne & loisirs – Font-Romeu – - +33(0)
Petitqueux Philippe - La Llagonne – B.E escalade - +33(0)
Baban Climbing Club des Angles - +33 (0)

The practice of moutaineering presents real dangers... Do not forget it!