Mont-Louis Citadel

Built by Vauban between 1679 and 1681, by some 3700 soldiers and 500 craftsmen, the town still retains its military purpose today. It has obtained Worldwide Heritage classification along with 11 other fortifications designed by the famous architect.

Fortifications Vauban, inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List ". Following the Treaty of the Pyrenees (1659) to secure the Spanish border, Vauban created Mont-Louis ex-nihilo in 1679 in honor of Louis XIV. Located at the crossroads of three valleys (Têt, Aude and Cerdagne), the original plan provided for four zones, the citadel, the upper town as well as a low town and a redoubt. These last two were never realized. For more than 330 years, the citadel has kept its military vocation, it is now occupied by the National Center of Training Commando (CNEC).

The citadel retains the Well of the Forcats, an exceptional architectural element of the XVIIth century, a huge wheel for the water supply of the military zone. In 1949, the first double-solar cooking oven was created, enabling the use of solar energy to be developed. The church of the city also contains interesting furniture including a magnificent wooden Christ and beautiful baroque altarpieces of the eighteenth century. A walk around the ramparts allows to discover the site and to understand the military architecture.

Guided tours of Mont-Louis
Appointment and ticket office at the tourist office.

Guided tour of the citadel:
Every day in July / August (from 03/07 to 26/08) 10h30-11h30-14h-15h-16h (17h from Monday to Friday, and no visit at 2pm and 3pm on Sundays).
Every day except Sunday from 01/09 to 30/06: 11h30 and 14h (closed for the Christmas holidays) according to the opening of the tourist office.

To attack ! :
A guided tour of the citadel and the architecture of the citadel, taking the place of the attackers, in the military ditches (recommended shoes) - from 14h to 15h45 on Sunday from 09/07 to 20/08.

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