The fortified town of Mont-Louis has its origin in the Treaty of the Pyrenees, signed in 1659, which created a new border between the kingdoms of France and Spain.

Mont-Louis is an old garrison built by Vauban. With eleven other strongholds designed by the renowned architect, the Network of Major Vauban Sites has just obtained the rank in World Heritage of Humanity. It was in this fortress, the highest in France (1600 m) that was created the worlds first solar oven. Tours are organized and help explain the possible uses of solar energy in life. One can also visit the citadel and the Well of the Convicts who used to supply water to the defenders in case of siege. The ramparts, bastions, half-moon and the curtains are lined with trees with multiple species.
The trail of birds, which walks the ramparts and you will enjoy this site better. The church of the eighteenth century is marked by the massive architecture of the military genius of the time. It has a wooden crucifix of the thirteenth century sycamore and two French school boards offered by Louis XV.

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