Les Angles

Les Angles

Located in the Pyrenees-Orientales, on the heights of the plateau in Capcir the village and ski resort are at the intersection of Spain, Andorra and the Mediterranean. Enjoying an exceptional location between Montpellier, Perpignan, Toulouse and Barcelona, it enjoys the blend of different cultures. Prides itself on its unique geographical location, the ski resort Les Angles promises you to ski on an exotic territory between of centennial pine trees forest.

A bit of history ...

The territory of the Angles is given by 965 Sunifred Cerdanya II, Count of Cerdanya, in the monastery of Saint- Michel de Cuixà.

In 1181, the king of Aragon allows the abbot of Saint-Michel de Cuixà fortify its possessions. The people then drop the old village, built around the church of Saint -Sauveur, to settle in the fortifications of the castle. It is the place of the present village, situated on a slight eminence and 300 meters from the old town.

The castle is built on a strong farm, mansus Podio, processed and fortified (castrum Podio Angulorum in Sancti parochia Salvatoris).

The old church of Saint-Sauveur is located 400m northeast of the present church, built in the 1860s from her.

The hamlet of Balcère (Vallsera in Catalan), located at the foot of the small church of St. Mary, belonged since 1011 to the Abbey of Saint-Michel Cuixà. In 1312, the troops of the Count of Armagnac plunder Capcir especially Balcère, but especially between 1347 and 1350 the Black Death carries the entire population of the village. It will repopulate a little, and in 1701 the Abbey Cuixà gives the territory Angles for the sum of ECU 450. The village is not populated at all from the eighteenth century.

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