Font-Romeu / Odeillo / Via


This grup of cities is composed of three villages. From south to north, so from the lowest to the highest height are: - Via, which especially includes farms - Odeillo, where the city is located - Font-Romeu, built in 1900 with the Grand Hotel To the east of Font-Romeu, there is the Hermitage, place of pilgrimage and origin of Font-Romeu. Upwards to the north is the climate and high school sports, then "le Airelles" with the ski resort of Font Romeu.

Font-Romeu comes from two words "Font " and " Romeu ", the first designating a fountain and the second a pilgrim . Originally, the town consisted of two villages : Odeillo and Via . L'Ermitage , a shrine in honor of Our Lady of Font- Romeu welcomed the pilgrims on their way to Saint Jacques de Compostela. Built from the seventeenth century, the Hermitage of Font-Romeu is considered a "treasure of Baroque art ."
The real starting point of the village is 1903 during which a few cottages were built. The place is named "Les Chalets d'Odeillo " .
In 1910 was launched the idea of ​​building a huge modern palace . In 1911, the League of Railways and Hotels Mountain undertakes the construction of the " Grand Hotel" . Completed three years later, it opened its doors in June 1914.
In addition, the city team for winter sports. In 1920, Font- Romeu embarks on the creation of a tourist resort in summer and winter . 1937
the first lift gave his first turn of the crank . Postwar launch Font- Romeu, winter sports , summer and climate .
The success of this high ski resort was launched. In the years that followed many other chalets have emerged , bringing with them the construction of the infrastructure of a city sports complex , schools, businesses , government ...

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