A typical village, its valley and its archaeological site? Nature here is mistress and preserver: the valley of Eyne has been a nature reserve since 1993 but has been known to botanists since the eighteenth century!

Agriculture is still very present and models the surrounding landscape. The natural heritage is honored with a museum dedicated to it: The Maison de la Vallee. Proof of this authenticity is its label “Mountain Villages”.
Joined with St-Pierre-dels-Forcats for the ski resort of Cambre d'Aze, various sports activities of skiing and hiking just add the reasons to visit this village.

Mairie d'Eyne
Cal Martinet 66 800 Eyne
Tél : 04 68 04 78 66
Fax : 04 68 04 06 17
Email : mairie.eyne@wanadoo.fr

Maison de la Vallée d'Eyne

CAL Martinet 66800 EYNE
Tél. : 04 68 04 97 05
Email : contact@maison-de-la-vallee.com
Web : www.maison-de-la-vallee.com