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Pottery, crafts and gifts, local produce solar pottery ...

Creating wood - Woodworking.
Michel manufactures, carving, grave itself. Woodcut, decorative items, gifts .... Workshop and exhibition room open daily from 18:00 .
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Michel Herard
Painting (oil, acrylic, Watercolour and portraits)
Lake of Matemale.
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Traditional brewery
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La Bramette - Artisanal beer with mountain water, and variation of all the flavors of it. A shop, a tasting room, a beer cellar and visits are proposed. Rue de la mouline.

Art Pottery.
Exhibition and sale throughout the year, visit of the workshop, demonstration location and initiation.
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Pottery "solar" - solar furnace of Mont-Louis.
The solar furnace of Mont-Louis is the first in the world to double reflection. You can find the shop in the production of ceramics fired by concentrating sunlight, made and baked on site (heat the home between 2000° C and 3500 ° C). Open all year.
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Pottery from Galbe
Anna Young
- Creation and sale of functional and decorative pottery.
- Modeling and initiation sessions; children and adults. 
- One week traineeship : Discovery of the workshop and the pottery jog
Open all year.
Web site : Poterie du Galbe
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