Escalade sur le rocher des Aveillans
With the Mediterranean climate of the Catalan mountains you can devote yourself to the climbing almost all year.

Climbing Sites

The Bouillouses valley
- The Aveillans
- The Roc d'Aude sector: Totem, Hile, Roc d'Aude
- The Esquits
- Area Pasquers Reals: Quer Roig, Stone Mirror, Large Arms

The Eagle Rock
Access from Sauto following the irrigation canal.

On the road connecting Les Angles to Lake Balcère.

Roc Mercadal
Access from the center UDSIST of the lining of Puyvalador.

Rock on the trail to the yellow train station from the village of Planes.

St Pierre dels Forcats
The track is located on your right on the road leading from St-Pierre-dels-Forcats to Planès

To learn more, obtain the Topo "The Pyrenees of the Levant" written by Thomas Dulac and Pascal Testas. This topography lists the climbing rocks, the main routes as well as the climbs on snow, ice or mixed.

The qualified instructors in our country :
The learning of climbing can not be done through a topo. Get close to a high mountain guide or state-of-the-art climbing license to get you framed:

Aventure pyrénéenne – Font-Romeu – - +33(0)
Ozone 3 – montagne & loisirs – Font-Romeu – - +33(0)
Petitqueux Philippe - La Llagonne – B.E escalade - +33(0)
Activités montagne - Eyne +33(0)
Bernole Guillaume - La Llagonne - Guide Haute Montagne - +33(0)
Bureau montagne – Les Angles - +33(0)
Aumasson Norbert – Sauto - parcours vertige guidé - +33(0)