Caving - Canyoning

Practiced by those who love originality and difference, caving and canyoning are a multi-disciplinary activity:


Practicing caving, having a taste for adventure and desire to discover another world. The caves offer a landscape of extraordinary richness and diversity. Water that seeps into the surface carve out, by chemical corrosion and mechanical erosion, digging networks of various shapes (wells, meandering tunnels, galleries, traps and underground rivers). The limestone redepositing after it has previously been dissolved in the water creates startling forms of crystals (stalactites, stalagmites, cave pools, draperies, soda straws and eccentric formations ...).
Caving is multidisciplinary: contemplation, exploration, biology, paleontology, archeology, photography, video, diving ... You choose.


Canyoning is to follow the stream in a valley or gorge crossing the waterfalls, chutes and sluices encountered throughout the course. Thrills guaranteed!

Buddy up

Learning caving or canyoning can’t be done without the help of a qualified professional. If you are a novice get a guide:

Aumasson Norbert - Sauto +33(0)
Aventure pyrénéenne - 
Font-Romeu - +33(0)
Bureau Montagne Nature
 - Bolquère - +33(0)
Fillols Fabrice - Fontrabiouse - +33(0)
Les Ramiers Aventure - Bolquère - +33(0)
Ozone 3 - Montagne & loisirs - Font-Romeu - +33(0)
Petitqueux Philippe - La Llagonne – B.E escalade - +33(0)
Roucal Stéphane (canyoning en eau chaude & eau froide) - Eyne +33(0)
David Berrué - Saint-Pierre-Dels-Forcats - +33(0) -