Catalan Recipes

Recette du canard au navet
This page shows some Catalan mountain flavoured recipes.

Recipe for duck with turnips “Cerdanya”

The duck can be prepared in many ways, but in a stew that housewivesof  Cerdanya make a point of honor to prepare for the feast of All Saints, for duck and turnips are ready in Cerdanya at that time.  In the village of Eyne, "the feast of the duck with turnips, when the time is still balanced between autumn and winter, has become an institution. In introducing the annual mayor, Alain Bousquet, wanted to revive a piece of the local culture, which will assemble around sixty guests. It must be said that the preparation of this dish, its ingredients, and the big pot which is used for cooking, take a tour which is not unique to the country. A recipe here, at once Cerdagne and Roussillon, Alain Bousquet marked his origins, adding tomato, green olives and armagnac instead of white wine.

For 60 persons (but it is easy to convert to 4, 6, 8 people with two pieces of ducks each)

A cast iron pot on a tripod - caldera - a hundred liters, formerly used for cooking the pig (one for men as for that of animals). 10-15 previously plucked and eviscerated ducks.

- Handles and knobs turnips Cerdanya
- Twenty onions
- 1-2 liters of Armagnac
- Many green olives
- Concentrated tomatos
- Salt, pepper.
- Patience, a mask!, a scarf !...

When the fire is underway in the pot, throw in the pieces of duck, fry until they "make their fat" and are well browned. Then, remove as much fat as possible that these pieces made, at the same time remove all the pieces to throw in their placethe onions and let the onions brown.
Add the pieces of duck to the onions, add the Armagnac and flambe.
Salt, of course, as pepper, olives and finally the tomato paste.
Add water, all must cook slowly.
Half an hour before the end of the "great bubbling, add small turnips peeled and finely chopped in pieces, which blend into the rest of the cooking time just enough to not completely disappear. Serve hot, preferably with potatoes Cerdanya and why not a Côte du Roussillon Village.

Recipe from the book "Knowledge and flavors of the Catalan Pyrenees - the farm" edited by the Catalan Pyrenees Regional Park and publisher Loubatières - Check out your bookseller.

Foie gras with figs and Muscat by Corinne Parassols

Ingredients for 6 people
- A foie gras 500g
- 5 or 6 dried figs red
- 1 glass sweet Muscat, 120 ml
- Fine salt, white pepper (because he does not see)

Soak the figs in Muscat, two hours before preparing this dish. Denervated liver, salt and pepper to taste. In the bottom of a casserole dish, place the figs in a single layer, add the foie gras by packing well.
Drizzle with just the remaining muscat soaked figs, close the pot with lid and arrange everything in a water bath in a furnace heated to 250 ° C for 25 minutes. It will be half-cooked.
This dish is even better when prepared the day ahead. It works perfectly, as a starter with a few strands of curly lettuce, a baguette and Muscat, which was used in its preparation.

Recipe from the book "Knowledge and flavor of the Catalan Pyrenees - the farm" edited by the Catalan Pyrenees Regional Park and the publisher Loubatières - Check out your bookseller.